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10. Methods for setting the balancing weight

A balancing machine is an equipment for balancing machines with rotating parts.

The balancing machine consists of a mechanical and measuring part.

The mechanical part of the machine is responsible for installing and fixing the balanced part of the machine and consists of a fixed part, a drive, and mounting supports.

Measuring part of the machine-measures the vibration parameters, shows the exact location and magnitude of the imbalance.

Thus, the part (the measured product) is installed in the support, the drive rotates it, and the indicators of the measuring part measure the vibration.

The main purpose of the balancing machine is to detect the imbalance of the rotors of electric motors and turbines, shafts, clutches, screws and further eliminate vibration, which prevents damage to the spindle and other parts of the machine. By preventing these defects, you reduce the number of emergency repairs and, consequently, the cost of them.

There are three main balancing methods:

1. Mass removal-holes are drilled in certain areas of the machine to redistribute the mass. The simplest and most frequently used method.

2. Adding mass-holes are made in the necessary places for further installation of adjusting screws. More versatile and convenient method.

3. Balancing rings-two rings are installed and fastened with screws, which during rotation create an imbalance that compensates for the imbalance of the product. This method is quite rare and is mainly used in balancing the mandrels of a milling machine.

Balancing machines can be used in various fields: metallurgy, energy, mechanical engineering, paper industry, construction, oil refining and other industries. TO solve and eliminate all problems in the field of balancing we offer baltech series balancing machines:

BALTECH HBM-horizontal balancing machines. Modern and technological models of machines for balancing rotors. They have a high balancing speed, strong construction and small dimensions. The main direction of horizontal pre-resonant machines is dynamic balancing of rotors for industrial production and repair shops.

BALTECH VBM-vertical balancing machines. Reliable and simple machine for balancing products that do not have their own shaft necks. It is possible to make balancing on the machine one specialist. Setting up the machine for balancing other products is very easy.

BALTECH SBM-special balancing machines. This series of machines balance the impellers of axial fans, cardan shafts and special products. All balancing reports are stored in the machine computer database.

Features of this series of machines it is easy to use, reliability, speed balancing. When purchasing baltech series machines, start-up, training of your specialists, service support and consultations are performed for the entire period of operation of the machine. It is also possible to produce an individual machine for your production. To do this, you only need to fill out a questionnaire and provide a technical task.

If there is no need to purchase a balancing machine, the technical specialists of BALTECH companies are ready to perform balancing work with a visit to the enterprise in their own supports. Technical specialists of BALTECH companies are highly qualified, certified specialists with extensive experience. After the work is completed, a report and recommendations for maintenance of the unit are provided.

If you want to get theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of rotor balancing and improve the level of qualification of your employees, we offer you to take courses TOR-102 "Balancing rotors on site and on balancing machines" in our licensed training center for advanced training "BALTECH" in Germany.

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